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About us: The Health foods market is the fastest growing market in the country and healthy smoothies are the most popular way to prepare raw fresh fruit and raw veggies. Not only do fruit smoothies and veggie smoothies retain all of their anti-oxidants, vitamins, and nutrients by being full of raw fruits and raw veggies, but they are a great way to incorporate most of your daily required servings of fruits and veggies into one glass.

Smoothie bars are quickly popping up in nearly every neighborhood and it is easy to get confused by all of their advertising claims of health and nutrition. However, not all of these places serve healthy smoothies. Some major restaurant chains pack their ‘smoothies’ with high-fructose corn syrups, sugars, fat, salt, and other bad-for-you junk that destroy your body’s health. The only way to be sure that you get a healthy smoothie with only fresh ingredients, no added sugar, salt, or fat is to make it yourself. “Where do you start ?” “How do you make healthy smoothie drink recipes ?” you ask. The answer is all about us. We are here to help answer all of your healthy smoothie questions.

That is why smoothiefun.com was created to help lead you down the healthy smoothie path and keep you away from those ‘bad’ smoothies. To help you learn how fun, quick, easy, and enjoyable that making your own frozen fruit smoothies and veggie smoothies at home can be. To give you all of the information that you will need to make informed, healthy decisions on your own. Smoothiefun.com has researched and gathered all of the best information on how to make fun, healthy smoothies at home just to be able to share that information in one place for you.

As an added plus, we are not only an information source for healthy smoothies and healthy ingredients, but also a community of healthy smoothie lovers that you can be a part of. You can add your very own frozen fruit smoothie recipes, green smoothie recipes, and veggie smoothie recipes here at smoothiefun.com or you can leave comments and suggestions about smoothiefun.com and about our smoothie recipes. You can also read about other smoothie recipes left by other people. Our community of smoothie lovers is here for you and your health, so come and be a part of smoothiefun.com and let us share together our information on health and on smoothie fun.

Smoothies are also great outdoors at your favorite picnic. For GREAT picnic ideas, you can visit our friends at The Picnic Site

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