"You can relax with our Alcohol Smoothie Recipes"

Some of these alcohol smoothie recipes I learned while I was a bartender. While bartending, I found out how to mix fruity ingredients together in such a way that you could not taste the alcohol.

Banana Colada

A version of the classic that you may want to share with a friend

2 bananas,

4 oz cream of coconut,

6 fluid ounces rum (dark rum works best in this one),

4 fluid ounces banana liqueur,

3 cups crushed ice

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Strawberry Margarita

Simply the best frozen Margarita ever

2 ounces tequila,

1 ounce triple sec,

3 ounces lime juice,

8 oz frozen strawberries,

8 oz sour mix,

Ice as needed while blending,

Salt to rim the glass,

Lime wedge as a garnish

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Strawberry Bomb

This is a spritzy style smoothie recipe

8 oz frozen strawberries,

16 oz lemon-lime soda,

3 ounces of vodka (use cheap vodka, you can’t taste the difference here),

1 tsp lime juice,

Ice as needed when blending

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Baz-nana Berry

Smooth flavor with a kick

1 banana,

8 ounces strawberries,

4 ounces soymilk,

1 tbsp sugar,

6 oz strawberry yogurt,

2 oz dark rum,

1 oz banana liquor,

Ice as needed

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Pina Colada

The classic frozen drink that you will want to share with a friend

8 oz cream of coconut,

6 fluid ounces rum (dark rum works best in this one),

1 can crushed pineapple,

16 oz pineapple juice,

Ice as needed while blending, garnish with a pineapple wedge or a cherry

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