Great recipes for Veggie smoothies

What is a veggie smoothie? It is a smoothie that is just as the name suggests. Tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, celery and avacado are just some of the choices that you have here. They are good anytime of the day or night.

These smoothies are a very healthy yet less sweet smoothie that can help you lose weight and are really easy to prepare. You can create a healthy meal that works for your busy lifestyle. Food preparation when you are following a smoothie weight loss diet only takes a few minutes. Now that's a quick and easy meal.

Smoothies are also very mobile. You can take smoothies with you easily to work, to school, to the park, or to the gym. There are virtually thousands of smoothie recipes so you are sure to find a few that you really like.

Had a few too many glasses of wine the night before? Try out a Tomato smoothie in the morning. The nutrients inside of tomatoes have long been known for their ability to cure most hangovers. That is one reason that the "Bloody Mary" cocktail is so popular for Saturday and Sunday morning brunch. Even a virgin Bloody Mary will do the trick. Tomato juice retains all of the power packed nutrients that it had as a whole tomato.


2 cups tomato juice,

1 cup soy milk,

1 tomato peeled,

dash salt and pepper,

1/2 cup plain yogurt,

1 tsp honey,

pinch parsley


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Spiced tomato

2 cups tomato juice,

1 tomato peeled,

1 tsp worchestershire sauce,

dash tobasco sauce,

pinch horseradish,

pepper and salt to taste

enjoy (add vodka for the best bloody mary ever)

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Green Tomato

2 cups tomato juice

1 cup spinach,

1 avacado,

dash vinegar,

dash tobasco,

juice of 1 lemon


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Vegetable Delight

1 tomato peeled,

1/2 cup celery,

1/2 cup spinach,

1/2 cup cucumber,

1 cup plain yogurt,

1/2 cup tomato juice

needs salt to taste


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Bunny's Favorite

1 cup carrot,

1 cup soy milk,

pinch parsley, salt, and pepper


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Thanksgiving Veggie

1/2 can pumpkin,

1 cup vanilla yogurt,

1 cup spinach,

1 tsp maple syrup,

1/2 cup soy milk

just like mom's

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2 tomatoes peeled,

1 cup spinach,

1/2 cup celery,

salt and pepper,

1/2 cup carrot juice


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