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What great ideas for my frozen fruit smoothies!

This page is set up to give you all of the best smoothie tips for making the easiest, fun frozen concoctions that you can make from your own home.

What could be easier than drinking a healthy breakfast in the morning while you are getting ready, going to class or work, or just relaxing after getting the kids off to school? Try making smoothies!

Smoothies are a fun, healthy, and easy way to give your body it's necessary fruit intake all while tasting great! Fruit smoothies usually start with a thickener such as soy milk, yogurt or kefir; frozen or fresh fruit; or frozen juice. Ice and water just thin out the smoothie without adding any nutrients.

Smoothie tip: Smoothies are a healthy alternative to high calorie breakfasts, and they are easier and faster to clean up after. They are high in fiber and vital nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

Smoothies can be made in many different tastes and sizes which makes them very versatile. They can be made to aid in weight loss, muscle toning, or body building, depending on the ingredients that you add. These ingredients include protein powder, bee pollen, peanut butter, vitamins, acai berries, wheat germ, oatmeal, and maca just to name a few.

Smoothies are quickly becoming one of the most popular, healthy, weight loss choices in America, Australia, and Europe.

The first smoothie tip that I really love to share is making frozen juice ice cubes. These can be incorporated into your smoothie in place of ice, giving you extra anti-oxidant power in your smoothie. They are easy to make and can be fun for a kids snack in the afternoon of a hot day too!

Another smoothie tip is to garnish your fruit smoothie with fresh fruit. A slice of banana, a strawberry, or orange make the smoothie even more visibly appealing so that you can feel even better about your healthy choice!

Here are some other important tips and ideas to help you invent your favorite smoothie:

You will notice that a lot of the recipes call for frozen fruit rather than fresh fruit. The reason for this is to keep ice, and therefore water out of your smoothie. This gives you the ability to add juice which helps to add a power punch of anti-oxidants to your smoothie. If you would rather have fresh bought fruit, you can always freeze it yourself in small Ziploc storage bags.

Tip: Dip the top of your empty glass in Lime juice on one plate and then in sugar on a separate plate to give your glasses a little decoration for smoothie parties.

Tip: Use salt instead of sugar for decorating the top of your glass for virgin margarita smoothies.

Tip: Lime wedges make excellent garnishes.

Tip: Use Vanilla Soy Milk instead of regular milk and Soy Yogurt instead of regular Yogurt to add some needed Protein to your Smoothie.

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