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Purple Alaskan Thunder

Not your typical smoothie

2 oz raspberry schnapps,

2oz light rum,

1 scoop vanilla ice cream,

1 cup frozen raspberries,

8 oz orange juice

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Energy Colada

A refreshingly cool and fruity smoothie

2 oz coconut rum,

2 oz dark rum,

2 oz coconut milk,

1 banana frozen,

8 oz pineapple juice,

4 oz orange juice,

1/4 tsp. ginger root,

1 cup ice

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Peach Kiwi Colada

Savor the refreshing flavor of this peach smoothie

2 oz rum,

2 oz peach schnapps,

1 sliced kiwi,

1 scoop vanilla frozen yogurt,

16 oz pina colada mix,

1 sliced peach,

1/2 cups ice

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Vodka Frozen lemonade

A nice drink on a hot summer afternoon

4 oz vodka,

2 cups lemonade,

10 to 12 ice cubes

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Vodka Limeade

Another good, hot, summertime, Sunday smoothie

4 oz vodka,

1 can lemon lime soda,

1 banana,

2 scoops lime sherbet,

1 cup ice

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