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Citrus smoothie recipes are really flavorful smoothies. Not all of them are as sour or as tart as you make think.

Lemon Delight

This smoothie is one that is sweeter than you would think

32 oz soymilk,

12 oz (2 containers) lemon yogurt,

1 scoop (2 oz) powdered pink lemonade mix,

1 scoop lime sherbet

Smoothies with yogurt


Orange banana

Like a banana cremesicle

2 bananas,

2 scoops orange sherbet,

16 oz orange juice

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Grapefruit Pineapple

Tart yet sweet and very refreshing

24 oz grapefruit juice,

1/2 can pineapple chunks,

6 oz pineapple juice,

1 container plain yogurt,

1 scoop vanilla soymilk ice cream

Smoothies with yogurt


Lime Sweetness

This takes some preparation but it is worth it

16 oz lime flavored gelatin made the night before,

16 oz pomegranate juice,

1 banana frozen,

Juice of one lime,

1 container lime yogurt

Dessert smoothies


Citrus Delight

Yes, the words citrus and delight in the same sentence!

8 oz any citrus flavored yogurt,

8 oz orange juice,

8 oz frozen blackberries or blueberries,

1 tbsp honey

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