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Green smoothies are more delicious than the name sounds and many contain Popeye's favorite...Spinach. Popeye knew what he was talking about. Spinach is good for you. It also taste good. Spinach has a delicate texture and dark green color that provide the green color for many of our healthy smoothies. It has more nutrients than any other food. Its availablity throughout the year makes it a good choice for a smoothie all year long. Below, you will find some healthiest smoothie recipes that incorporate spinach. Don't worry, you can't actually taste the spinach in case you are not a spinach fan.

Fruity Forest Smoothie

16 oz baby spinach,

2 bananas,

1 cup frozen blueberries,

2 cups pineapple juice,

1 scoop protein powder (optional)

Enjoy blended!

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Pear Lime Smoothie

1 banana,

2 pears pealed and sliced,

1 cup frozen raspberries,

2 cups apple juice,

1 tsp lime juice,

16 oz baby spinach,

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

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Apple Lover Smoothie

16 oz spinach,

1 lemon pealed and seeded,

2 gala apples seeded and pealed,

1 banana for smoothness,

24 oz apple juice,

2 tbsp honey

Mix ingredients in a blender and savor!

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Fruity Forest Smoothie Two

16 oz baby spinach,

2 bananas,

1 cup frozen strawberries,

2 cups pineapple-orange juice,

1 scoop spirulina (optional)

Enjoy blended!

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