Making smoothies at home, home made smoothies, and smoothie fun

"Making smoothies at home saves money while having fun!"

Need some bonding time with your children doing something fun and getting them to be healthier ? Make a smoothie date with them. Have all sorts of fruits , veggies , yogurts , juices, and flavored milks set out for everyone to choose their ingredients , blend them up, garnish them, drink and enjoy!

Having your girlfriends over or entertaining guests? Make it a smoothie night. Even make it an alcohol smoothie fun night. Smoothies are a great idea for any party, occasion, get together, or even just for yourself!

Need to lose a few pounds or inches? Smoothies are just the thing you need for weight loss or dieting . Why starve yourself when you don't have to? Enjoy a vitamin and nutrient enriched meal in a glass that is not only great tasting but low calorie , low carb , sugar free , and healthy for your body.

Need to tone your muscles? Try protein powder smoothies. Have healthy smoothies with all of their essential nutrients and add a little protein powder for muscle toning or a lot for muscle building!

There at many reasons, recipes, and ingredients for you to make your own smoothies from the comfort of your very own home. They are healthier than store bought smoothies and taste better too. Make a smoothie today!

Experiment with different recipes and feel free to send us your favorite recipe for use on our site to share with others. We will even name it after you so that you get all of the bragging rights!

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