Megan Fox smoothie

"The Megan Fox smoothie is a smoothie that tries to personify Megan Fox!"

Megan Fox is Glamorous, Popular, Fun and Smart. This recipe tries to encorporate all of those traits in a smoothie. The Hollywood actress revealed that she once donned a banana skin suit when she worked at a smoothie cafe. “I only had one job growing up. I worked at a smoothie cafe."

“I used to have to dress up as a banana. I had the option of apple or banana. I always went with banana because it was thinner.”

The Fox Smoothie

Glamorous: 1 Avocado pitted,

Popular: 16 oz bottled water,

Fun: 20-24 green grapes seedless,

Smart: Handful baby spinach,

Throw in 2 tbsp honey and blend on high with ice.

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