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The melon smoothie recipe made from Honeydew, canteloupe, and other sweet varieties of this fruit is really high in vitamin C and potassium while low in calories. While originating in Europe and the middle east, they are now popular all over the planet. While being in the same plant family as squash and cucumbers, they are used and enjoyed much differently due to their awesome sweetness. That also makes them really great for smoothie recipes too!

Canteloupe Citrus Smoothie

4 slices of canteloupe,

1 pink grapefruit seeded,

1 banana frozen and sliced,

8 oz grapefruit juice,

1 tbsp honey,

Blend, serve, enjoy, and make another!

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Canteloupe Creme

4 slices of canteloupe frozen,

8 oz lime yogurt,

1 tbsp honey,

8 oz vanilla soy milk,

Enjoy peacefully!

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Canteloupe Blackberry Smoothie

4 slices or 8 oz canteloupe,

1 banana frozen sliced,

16 oz blackberries frozen,

1 tbsp honey,

16 oz grape juice

Blend, then chug or sip.

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Honeydew Healthy Smoothie

16 oz honeydew frozen,

8 oz mango frozen,

2 tbsp honey,

18 oz pineapple juice,

Blend and enjoy!

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