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The raspberry smoothie may have originated in America but the red variety originated in Europe. They are now grown and harvested all over the world in temperate climates (like California). The black variety originated in America but are not as popular. The favorite reds are more sweet than tart and add a great amount of color and flavor to your smoothie recipe. When purchasing these fruits, make sure that they are firm and bright without much moisture. They should be refrigerated soon after you purchase them.

Berry More Berry Smoothie

16 oz frozen raspberries,

8 oz frozen strawberries,

1 banana,

8 oz raspberry yogurt,

24 oz cran-grape juice,

Blend until smooth and creamy, enjoy!

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Raspberry Banana Smoothie

2 bananas frozen sliced,

1 pint of raspberries,

16 oz soy milk,

1 tbsp honey,

16 oz vanilla yogurt,

Place all ingredients in the blender and make creamy smooth to enjoy!

Raspberry recipes

Raspberry Protein Smoothie

8 oz raspberries frozen,

1/3 cup granola,

8 oz vanilla yogurt,

8 oz pineapple-orange juice,

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Blend and enjoy the energy!

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Raspberry Temptation Smoothie

16 oz raspberries frozen,

1 chopped mango frozen,

2 peeled and seeded mandarin oranges,

1 cup orange juice,

1 tbsp honey,

Sweet and tart at the same time blended, enjoy!

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