Spirulina: The Healthy Smoothie Booster

Spirulina, a super food that gets its name from its spiral shape, is actually a fresh water, one celled form of non-toxic blue-green algae that contains some of the most remarkable concentration of nutrients known in any food known to man. This high foliate food has been found to help to reduce weight, boost the immune system, and help with many allergies, visual problems, carbohydrate disorders, anemia and many other disease conditions. It is an excellent source of protein, beta carotene, amino acids, vitamin B-12, nucleic acids, and iron. The most avid believers in its health benefits are the Japanese, who both produce and consume more of it than anyone else.

Protein Berry Smoothie

1 cup blueberries frozen,

1 carrot,

1 cup spinach,

2 tsps spirulina,

2 scoops rice protein powder,

10 drops of stevia extract for sweetness,

2 cups filtered or bottled water,

Blend for 2 minutes on high. Serve and enjoy!

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