Vita mix blender

"Is the Vita mix blender worth the money?"

Major kitchen purchases often include microwaves, cookware, food processors, and utensils. Whatever you need in the kitchen, don't forget a quality blender. The blender? Yes, the blender. Often overlooked because cheap imitation models can be found at discount stores. What these stores and blenders don't mention is that you will have to buy another one almost weekly due to durability issues. Their motors burn out, their blades break or wear down, they often crack or warp when washing.

What you need is a Vitamix blender! "Aren't they expensive?" -you ask. Isn't buying 6-10 different cheap discount blenders per year expensive? Isn't your time that it takes to do that expensive? Would you pay for peace-of-mind? I know I would! Try the Vitamix blender! It really is an investment.

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