Cinnamon For Smoothies

Cinnamon has been reported to have remarkable effects in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. It has traditionally been used to treat toothache and fight bad breath. One teaspoon of this amazing bark contains as many antioxidants as a full cup of pomegranate juice and 1/2 a cup of blueberries making it a great additive to your smoothies. It also goes especially well in our Christmas smoothies too!

Cinna-Berry Smoothie

2 cups spinach,

1/2 cup blueberries frozen,

1/2 cup strawberries frozen,

2 cups vanilla soy milk,

1 tsp cinnemon,

1 scoop vanilla protein powder,

Blend and enjoy any time of year!

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Cinna-Berry-Two Smoothie

2 cups kale,

1 cup blueberries frozen,

2 cups Almond milk,

1 tsp cinnemon,

1 scoop protein powder,

Blend and savor!

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