Green Smoothie a day for good health

"This green smoothie is great! My kids cannot taste the veggie, just the fruit!"


What A Nut

A nice nutty tropical flavor

32 oz almond milk,

4 oz shredded coconut,

1 papaya,

1 handful of baby spinach,

8 oz strawberries frozen,

8 oz blueberries frozen

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Peach Avocado Pom

A nice smoothie that beats the sweet tooth

1 peach,

1/2 tsp cinnamon,

1 tsp vanilla extract,

1 avocado peeled and diced,

1 container peach yogurt,

16 oz frozen blueberries,

16 oz pomegranate juice

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Spinach Melon

2 cups cantaloupe,

24 oz carrot juice,

2 tbsp orange juice concentrate,

16 oz spinach,

1 container plain yogurt

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Fruity Carrot

Lots of healthy vitamins and nutrients in this one

1 mango,

2 bananas frozen,

8 oz raspberries,

2 carrots sliced,

1 tbsp honey,

1 container plain or raspberry yogurt

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Berry Carrot

Beta carotene is good for your eyes

12 oz frozen blackberries,

12 oz frozen strawberries,

16 oz soymilk,

16 oz pomegranate juice,

2 carrots

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