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Mango Wheat

A burst of sweet energy to start your day

1 mango sliced and frozen,

8 oz soft tofu,

16 oz vanilla soymilk,

1 tbsp honey,

1 scoop wheat germ

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Mango Lemonade

A really great tasting summertime concoction

1 mango peeled and frozen,

6 oz peach yogurt,

16 oz sugar-free lemonade,

1 tsp honey

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Peach Mango Spice

The nutmeg really makes this smoothie

1 small peach,

1 mango,

16 oz vanilla soymilk,

2 scoops vanilla soymilk ice cream,

1/2 tsp of nutmeg,

1 cup of orange juice,

1/4 tsp almond extract,

1/2 oz almonds

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Whey! Mango

Bet you didn’t know a Mango could taste this good

2 cups mangos frozen,

1 banana,

1 tbsp whey protein powder,

1 container peach yogurt,

8 oz vanilla soymilk

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Pear Mango

These fruits marry well

1 peach frozen peeled,

1 pear peeled and cored,

8 oz frozen blueberries,

1 tsp lime juice,

16 oz grape juice

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