Best Peach Smoothie Recipes Ever

Peach smoothie recipes are easy and fun to make. Peaches are one of the best fruits to mix with cream. The sweet, yet tart, flavor that they have is perfect with milk. That is why they are so good in cobblers.

Peach Energy Smoothie

You will be full of energy all day with this smoothie

2 peaches pealed and sliced,

2 cups peach yogurt,

3 tbsp honey,

1 scoop protein powder,

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon,

1 cup soy milk

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Peach excitement

This is an exciting, delicious, and healthy smoothie

2 peaches,

1/2 cup peach yogurt,

1/2 cup chilled apple juice,

1 tsp. lemon juice,

1/4 tsp. giseng

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Nearly Addictive Peach Smoothie

You can't stop drinking this delightful smoothie once you start sipping

10 oz of apple cider,

1 peach,

1 cup frozen strawberries,

1 banana,

1/8 tsp of cinnamon

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Healthy Peach Smoothie

This is a delicious and healthy smoothie recipe

2 peaches,

1 cup vanilla soy ice cream,

1 banana,

1 cup peach yogurt,

1/2 cup vanilla soy milk

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Peach Hideaway Smoothie

Hide with this one because this is a delicious smoothie which surely

everyone will love to taste

1 peach sliced,

1 cup cranberry juice,

1 cup peach yogurt,

1 cup frozen apple juice (use ice cube tray)

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