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"Smoothie fun is a great idea when entertaining guests, having a bridal shower, having a baby shower, or having a cocktail party!"

Entertaining guests can be fun but also a little stressful. You have to stock the bar, plan a menu, prepare the food, decorate the space, and organize everything without losing your cool. Smoothie fun is here to help you be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor with smoothies .

We have a lot of fun and easy to make alcoholic smoothies that are great for frozen drinks at cocktail parties. From margaritas and daiquiris to pina coladas, we have them all.

First thing that you have to remember is this: If your drink selection is too large, you will be miserable. Constantly washing out a blender is not how you want to be spending your time. You would much rather be socializing with your friends. So keep your frozen drink menu to as many blenders as you have. Two blenders...have only margaritas and strawberry daiquiris. That way, you can reuse the blenders over and over for the same drink without constantly cleaning them!

Second: Remember to get input from your guests as to which frozen drinks that they prefer ahead of time. Then you can make sure that you are well stocked on all of the necessary liquors, fruits , and juices that you will need.

Third: invite over a bartender or two. Then you can have them "show off" their skills while you are mingling with your guests. This will keep you from being tied down to the back of a bar.

Fourthly: Never let them see you sweat. The more organized that you are behind the bar, with an ample supply of cups , glasses, wine, beer, and ice...the more confident that you will appear and the happier you will feel. Even have a friend help you pour wine by walking around the room re-filling glasses. It is a good way for them to mingle also and makes them feel important too.

We hope these helpful tips will help you plan the next best smoothie party for you and your friends!

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Experiment with different recipes and feel free to send us your favorite recipe for use on our site to share with others. We will even name it after you so that you get all of the bragging rights!

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