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Tomato veggie smoothie recipe

1 small cucumber pealed,

1 cup tomato juice,

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce,

juice of 1 lime,

dash of salt and pepper,

Blend and enjoy

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Tomato-Green Smoothie

2 cups tomato juice,

1 cup soy milk,

1 cup spinach,

dash salt and pepper,

1/2 cup plain yogurt,

pinch parsley


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New Health Smoothie

1 tomato peeled,

1/2 cup celery,

1/2 cup kale,

1/2 cup cucumber,

1/2 cup tomato juice

salt and pepper to taste

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For Goodness Smoothie

2 cups tomato juice,

2 celery stalks,

juice of 1 lime,

1 tsp worchestershire sauce,

dash tobasco sauce,

pinch of pepper and salt to taste


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