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Veggie Smoothie Recipes made with all sorts of vegetables are a sneaky good way to get your kids to have their veggies for the day. Not only do they taste great but look great also. So much so that they drink all of it

Citrus Mint

What a delicious way to incorporate cucumber into a smoothie

1 cucumber peeled and chopped,

3 tbsp mint leaves,

16 oz apple juice,

2 cups lemon sorbet

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Pineapple Carrot

A fresh way to have your carrot of the day

16 oz pineapple-orange juice,

1/2 can crushed pineapple,

1 cucumber sliced and peeled,

1 large carrot sliced,

1 tbsp. honey,

4 ice cubes

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Green Fruity Fiber

This combination makes for a great tasting, healthy treat

1 large carrot,

4 broccoli florets with no stems,

1 bunch of baby spinach,

1 gala apple peeled,

2 oranges peeled and seeded,

12 oz pineapple-orange juice

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Salad in a cup

What a creative and tasty way to have a salad

2 tbsp lemon juice,

4 tbsp salsa,

2 broccoli florets,

1 tomato,

1 small carrot,

1 bunch baby spinach,

2 tbsp sunflower seeds,

8 oz tomato juice

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Spicy Tomato Cucumber

Some like it hot…and this is hot. It also makes a good bloody mary

32 oz tomato juice,

1 chopped red bell pepper,

1 cucumber peeled,

3 tbsp lime juice,

2 tsp worcestershire sauce,

pinch black ground pepper,

Dash or two of Tabasco sauce

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