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Blackberry Avacado Smoothie

What a great flavor this has!

1 avocado,

1 frozen banana,

handful frozen blackberries,

12 ounces plain soymilk,

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

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Blackberry Banana Smoothie

You'll have to have this one again and again

2 frozen bananas,

1 cup blackberries,

1 container vanilla yogurt,

8 ounces almond milk or vanilla soymilk

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Unique Blackberry Smoothie

What a great smoothie

1 cup frozen blackberries,

12 ounces soymilk,

1 teaspoon almond extract,

4 ounces silken tofu,

2 tablespoons honey

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Diet Blackberry Smoothie

Nothing diet about the taste

1 scoops raspberry sherbet,

Handful fresh blackberries,

12 ounces orange juice

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