Walnut smoothie recipes

"Walnut smoothie recipes sound funny but they taste great!"

Walnuts in a smoothie? Sounds odd but if you have never had it, you are missing out. Walnuts are usually associated with Christmas but you can try these treats any time of the year. They are a great way to get extra protein for breakfast also!

Walnut Cream Smoothie

2 tbsp maple syrup,

1 tbsp brown sugar,

1-6oz container vanilla yogurt,

16 oz soymilk,

1 tbsp vanilla extract,

1/2 cup walnuts

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Banana Walnut

2 frozen bananas,

16 oz soymilk,

1/2 cup walnuts,

4 oz maple syrup

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Walnut Citrus Smoothie

16 oz orange juice,

1 frozen banana,

3 dates,

1/2 cup walnuts,

1 scoop lime sherbet

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Chocolate Walnut Breakfast Smoothie

1 frozen banana,

1/2 cup walnuts,

1/4 cup granola,

16 oz soymilk,

1 scoop protein powder,

2 tbsp chocolate syrup

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Walnut Nutty Smoothie

1/2 cup walnuts,

2 tbsp creamy peanut butter,

16 oz almond milk,

1-6oz container plain yogurt,

1 banana

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Experimentation is good! try different smoothie recipes and send us your favorite recipe to share with others. You so that you get all of the bragging rights!

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