Grape smoothie

"Grape smoothie recipes are awesome!"

When you think of a smoothie, one of the last things that comes to mind is the word grape. But, not only do grapes make excellent smoothies but they are also very high in nutrients and antioxidants too! Try one of these great grape recipes for smoothies for great flavor and vitamins.

Sweet Grape

20-30 seedless red grapes,

16 oz grape juice,

2 tbsp honey,

Ice while blending

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Banana Grape

1 frozen banana,

20-30 seedless green grapes,

16 oz soymilk,

Ice as needed during blending

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Grape Knee High Smoothie

8 oz white grape juice,

20-30 seedless red grapes,

4 oz apple juice,

4 cola,

Ice while blending

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Strawberry Banana and Grape

1-6oz container strawberry yogurt,

1 frozen banana,

12 oz grape juice,

6-10 frozen strawberries

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Grape PB&J

1 gala apple seeded and peeled,

2 tbsp grape jelly,

1-6oz container yogurt,

2 tbsp peanut butter,

12 oz soymilk

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Try playing around with different ingredients and send us your favorite recipe to get all of the credit!

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