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Strawberry Fresh

1 cup blueberries frozen,

9-11 frozen strawberries,

1 banana frozen,

8 ounces pineapple juice,

16 ounces peach nectar,

1 cup strawberry yogurt

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Berry Smoothie with Banana

8-10 frozen strawberries,

1 banana frozen,

16 ounces pineapple juice,

1 container plain yogurt,

8 ounces coconut milk

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Grape Juice Strawberry

16-20 frozen strawberries,

16 ounces grape juice,

1 banana,

2 tbsp honey,

1 container plain yogurt,

1 scoop lime sherbet

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Pomegranate Banana

8 ounces grape juice,

8 ounces pom juice,

16 frozen strawberries,

1 banana frozen,

1 scoop of orange sherbet,

1 container strawberry yogurt

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